I don’t know about you, but normally when I get home starving from a long day, if I didn’t have time to eat, I want to eat a train!

When I open the fridge I normally look for cheese, I love cheese because is full of protein and calcium and its delicious!

I know, lots of healthy eaters avoid cheese because of all the fat in it, but if you choose wisely, you get all mostly the goodness, and besides that, the body needs fat too, we need a little bit of everything, so anyway, you choose what you think it works best for you.

My other favourite is banana, its always quick and delicious and very healthy.

The main point is, keep healthy stuff around, keep healthy finger food around!
If you’re starving, and the first thing you find is a pot of ice cream, is very likely that you will demolish, so the idea is to keep good plenty of good stuff around, such as fresh fruit, cheese, etc…

Another one of my favourite is smoked salmon, slices of ham, slices of roast beef, little things like that (apologies to all vegetarians reading this, somehow I’m always craving meat, must be because I’m super tall). A lot of people like nuts and choose the nuts option as healthy snack, which is fantastic, we all know about all the great healthy benefits of nuts, everybody goes on and on about how great nuts are, but I’m particularly not into it.

When you’re on the go, and arriving from long day, or working from home seating in front of your computer for hours, and suddenly the tommy starts humbling, is nice to have a little something. If you have a nice little something, it will make you stop getting distracted by your humbling tommy, so you can continue to be productive, and it will keep your metabolism working around the clock.

Some people are more organized than others. Some people are good at keeping an eye on clock and having a small meal or snack every 3 hours or so. But if you have too much in your mind and life (like me), and really cant be bother checking when is time to eat, and pretty much the just follow what your body is telling you instead of the clock, than this is a practical way to eat healthy and feel good!

The saving diet – delicious fresh tomatoes add freshness, taste and essential vitamins to all meals -

The saving diet – delicious fresh tomatoes adds freshness, taste and essential vitamins to all meals –

Mostly, whenever you go groceries shopping, this is old information but is worth repeating, don’t go shopping hungry, so you don’t start buying everything in front of you, and ultimately, remember, when you’re home, if is not there, you wont eat, don’t buy all the plastic fake food that adds nothing good into your body. Make sure you buy only good healthy food.

Remember to buy plenty of fresh herbs (if you like them of course), they make everything extra special and delicious.

Some ideas are chives, coriander, parsley, rosemary, dill.

Maybe you try buy only 3 different ones each week, to avoid wasting since fresh herbs goes off quickly.

Or even better, if you have a garden or some space for plants in your home, grow them in your home, this way they are always there growing fresh for you.

I think that a little bit of chopped chives goes great on top of everything, it brings the food to life! Or chopped coriander or chopped parsley)!

Sometimes chives cost more and only comes in little bunch, so if you want a better deal, get shallots instead, they also add lots of flavour and they normally come in a massive bunch that lasts the whole week, they are a bit stronger than chives though, so it is up to your taste of what you life better.

In terms of saving, buy the fresh ingredients and cooking them yourself, it is always the best way to save, and you also know exactly what you’re eating, nice and clean fresh home made food! Specially if you like salads, I always find shocking how much they charge for salads around in restaurants, it is never a good value for money, seriously, they serve a big bowel of lettuce with few slices of chicken on top, some chopped tomato etc, and charge you $20.00!!! You can make delicious 5 stars salads full of very tasty and healthy ingredients, at home, for less than ¼ of restaurant’s prices for salads!

I will keep sharing a bunch of quick, delicious and low cost food ideas and recipes here, to keep you inspired and help you to think outside the box.

What do you think?


The saving diet – delicious fresh basil adds freshness, taste and great health benefits (including anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant) to all meals -

The saving diet – delicious fresh basil adds freshness, taste and great health benefits (including anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant) to all meals –

By Shailla

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